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About Us.

The Koi Pad website is by design just a couple of Koi lovers overflow of Koi.

Our family loves Koi, and over a period of time we have become overpopulated with Koi, so now due to over spawning we are able to release some of our Koi for you to enjoy.
Our Koi ponds produce thousands of Koi each year. So now, if you are a lover of Koi and are looking for good quality / nice healthy fish, we would like to hear from you. Our small home based business is based around a few priorities; first, taking good care of our fish, and then, you, the customer, as long as you are one who loves your fish and are dedicated to taking good care of them, we would be more than happy to show you what we have to offer.

We have only been involved in Koi since about 2002, and we still love to take care of our fish as if it was day one. The health of our fish is our most important priority therefore it is imparative that we keep the population down in our main pond thus ensuring a healthy environment for our remaining fish.

A bit about our Koi ponds: We have 5 Koi ponds on our property. Our largest is the one that houses the bulk of our koi fish. Our large pond is approximately 75 ft. x 150ft. 12 ft deep.  We have had Koi fish in this pond since about 2002 and now and it is getting over populated so we have to make sacrifices!!!  


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4400 Second Division Rd. Concession, Digby Co. Nova Scotia, Canada