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Return Policy

All Koi sales are final.  Once a Koi is purchased and leaves our property, it is yours forever and cannot be returned to us for any reason.  Sorry, but we will not accept returns on live Koi for any reason. Once paid, it's yours.

We do not make any guarantees on our live Koi beyond our property. To help ensure optimal health, we highly recommend quarantining all new Koi purchases for a minimum period of 8 - 10 weeks prior to adding them to your main pond.      "most ignore this rule and have great succes of introducing Koi in thier ponds"

We do our best to make sure the koi you view in a photo on this website is the exact same fish you see when you get to our location. Yes mistakes can happen, and also a delay in you visiting us may result in that perticular Koi being sold.  


If you have any questions regarding our return policy, please contact us before purchase.


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