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Sales Policy

Our Prices are subject to change without notice. 

Everyone is welcome to check us out and talk about our Koi, lets talk. You are all welcome customers.

Currently we do not offer delivery of our Koi fish.

We do not offer any guarantees on any of our Koi beyond leaving our property, we have a live KOI policy only if the Koi does not leave our property.

All Koi sales are final.  No refunds or credit will be issued for live Koi purchased from us once it has left our property, once you purchase a Koi from us, the sale is final, it's yours to keep dead or alive, it cannot be returned to us for any reason.       

If you see a picturer of a Koi on this website, we will do our best to make sure it is the same Koi you view once you come to our location, yes mistakes are possible but we will do our best for this not to happen.
Mistakes can happen, however, please note; We deal with a first come first serve policy, so if you ARE interested in a particular fish and it is there today, please realise that it may not be there tomorrow!

Buyer is responsible for transporting all fish purchased.

Sorry, but we do not currently operate a traditional retail location and therefore cannot accommodate persons looking for or wishing to "browse" perticular fish by fish holding facilities, our tanks sometimes house many, many fish for you to look through.
The variaty of fish changes on an ongoing basis. Although pricing is always very fair, feel free to make us offers, but note, we know the fair pricing of Koi and we aim to accomodate you....

Usually, prices for our Koi are clearly posted on our site, but please note; Prices are subject to change without notification.

As a courtesy, we may be able to arrange for customers who wish to pre-pay for live Koi to help avoiding the loss of the fish they like. If this is the case, the Koi that are pre paid prior to pickup are yours and final, pre sales are final. Once you purchased the fish, they are yours. Koi will be picked up at actual location found here - Koi Pad.

  Koi will be segregated and ready for pickup prior to customer arrival at our location.       


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4400 Second Division Rd. Concession, Digby Co. Nova Scotia, Canada