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Welcome to our koi pictures page

Hello, here are a few pictures my wife took.


koi picture

koi image

Koi pictures

koi pic

koi image

Koi picture

Koi - electrofishing

electrofishing koi

electrofishing koi

large koi


Hello visitors, today is the first day to view this new website. We have been contemplating on creating a koi related website for a while now, and due to the high volume of emails and phone calls related to our koi, here it is.
Hello everyone....

Today is also the first day you get to see some of our koi, please note that it is going to be a slow process to show you some of our koi due to the fact that we are having an extremely hard time actually catching our Koi.


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» Medium Koi
» Large Koi
» Bulk Koi

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