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Our pond spawned koi

Notice the green color of the water in our pond.
This is what our fish seem to strive better in.

green water pond

Some koi hobbyists / keepers try hard to have clear water in their ponds, in our pond we try just as hard to promote green water.
In order to raise healthy, fast growing fish, you need to provide the fish with an environment that's as stress free as possible. The green water seems to helps us achieve that goal.

Below you can see our koi in the process of spawning.

Our fish are allowed to spawn in our main / big pond. (Spawning images)

green water koi pond

When baby fry are born in our ponds, their primary source of food is tiny plankton, which feeds on the phytoplankton or as we call it "green water. As the fish start to grow they increasingly depend on our supplemental feeding. As any fish keeper should know, increased feeding results in increased waste production from the fish. Here again, the green water saves the day. The phytoplankton, along with increasing populations of bacteria helps utilize the fish waste as food, thus helping in controlling the damaging ammonia and nitrite build-up.

Aggressive spawning in action.

koi spawning

Each pond has its own little eco-system. Keeping those systems in balance is one of the secrets to producing a healthy, quality fish. By keeping our ponds in this state we believe that it helps withstand the severe stress of moving / harvesting and relocating our fish "hopefully to your pond!"

We have had great success spawning fish in our main pond over the last few years. Now you see the end result of our work, excess fish that we can pass along to you...


Hello visitors, today is the first day to view this new website. We have been contemplating on creating a koi related website for a while now, and due to the high volume of emails and phone calls related to our koi, here it is.
Hello everyone....

Today is also the first day you get to see some of our koi, please note that it is going to be a slow process to show you some of our koi due to the fact that we are having an extremely hard time actually catching our Koi.


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