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UPDATED MAR 12 - 2013

Today's Best Koi

Please note: NO new images have been added to our, " today's best." or any other page on this website.
We have not been able to keep or post our koi long enough to bother with this website. " As soon as new KOI pics were posted the stocks were depleted, if you wish to purchase our KOI, please email us or call for stock updates.

NOTE: June 2020 koi are NOT available at this time.. When we have Koi available we will remove this message.

Our stock availability changes frequently!

NOTE: When Koi become available, they can be purchased on a first come first serve basis as people scoop them up almost immediately.

Once stocks are posted as available, you may Email or phone for stock status.


Hello visitors, today is April 18 2012 the first day this year that we have koi in our holding tanks. Due to the volume of emails and phone calls related to our koi, stocks go up and down on an ongoing basis.....

Please not that; For the time being we will not be able to post pictures of koi in our tanks due to stock turn around, it is possible that later on this spring some picture updates will become available... Again this year we are assuming that it will be a slow process to keep stocks up due to the fact that we are still having an extremely hard time actually catching our Koi.


We are contemplating building a couple of new ponds to help out in our ability to keep our tanks stocked.
UPDATE May 2012: 2 More ponds were built!


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