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Source For Nova Scotia Koi

Current Specials: Select koi, and general stock koi.

Select koi catagory: "select" koi in holding tanks "Some images can be found in our Gallery on this page".

We have KOI in our holding tanks ranging from a few inches to approximately 24"

Pricing for select koi: Our current pricing for select koi range from $10 for smaller koi, "a few inches" to about $40 - $50 dollars for medium koi. 10" in or so, to possibly hundreds for very nice KOI ranging sizes 12" and up to possibly 24" or so. Our larger fish are currently not for sale

Large Koi: If you are looking for larger, or showcase koi go here - showcase koi "See pricing per fish on page"


Current Specials / General stock koi

General stock koi:
Stocks change on a daily basis,
ranging froma about 3" to 12" or more. .
Pricing for general stock koi: Our current pricing for general stock koi are as follows: "the following pricing structure may be a bit flexable depending on quality and character of the individual fish.

1)      The price “per fish” can start at 5 to 10 dollars for small fish that may range from a few inches to possibly even 10" - 12"

2)      Price per fish depend on size appeal etc.  

3)      If anyone is interested in my largest / nicest fish, check in for current stock. "Please Note: the images on this website are not always updated to reflect current stock. showcase koi

NOTE: Our aim is for you to leave here a happy customer, we aim to please and flexible "to some extent" on our fish. Most likely you will leave here happier than when you got here!



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